Thursday, January 16, 2014

Whole 30 | Week 1 Day 3

Still going strong...ok well maybe my body is a little weak and tired but everything I have read said day 3 is usually the worst and I have to agree. Headache was worse today, I actually craved cheese?!?  Not what I expected. I have prepared myself for the sugar craving which luckily have been few and far between. Yahoo. (I know, only day 3). I have in my head if we can make it through the first week we should be good to go!! One if the hardest this is not stepping in the scale!!!! I usually weigh every morning, why?!? I have no idea! It was never good and usually if it changed it was usually for the worst!! But old habit die hard. Even my dear husband woke up today and said "do you want to get on the scale today?" nO!!!! If we are going to do this we are going to do it right and I understand the emotional physiological aspect if NO WEIGHING!!!  So....
So day 3 consisted of the breakfast cups from day 1, lunch for Charlie...
I had left over soup!! And supper was grilled chicken with an amazing mango salsa!! And roasted Brussels sprouts!!!  
Mark it down, this non cooking lady, married to the "food boy" (he sells food and is an amazing cook!), got another thumbs up on supper!!! I don't think this has EVER happened in out marriage!!!  So I'm thrilled!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Whole 30 | Week 1 day 2

Well day two was still not "bad"!!! Yay!! Worst part was the headache off and on all day. However, I know this is an extreme shock for my body so I expected that. Breakfast day two was much better!
These were pretty easy and my almost 4 year kid kept asking for more!! She ate 2.5 of them!!! That's a step up from lucky charms!! We put the left overs in the fridge and will eat off them the rest if the week. The recipe said she out them in the freezer which I may do next time. I added spinach to mine. So yummy!! 

For lunch Charlie took some customers to the test kitchen so he was very selective and pretty much just ate meat. I have had a spinach salad with blueberries, nuts, avocado on it the past two days!

Supper last night was good too. I am two for two wahoo!!! We did Mexican soup with slices of avocado. Find the recipe here!

Yay for day two and here's to day there....stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Whole 30 | Week 1 Day 1

Ok, here is a little bit about me, my family and why we are taking on the adventure of the next 30 days!! I am a nurse and my parents follow a vegan lifestyle so you don't have to sell me on "good" food and the power of food...good or bad!!  I have struggled with a "bad gut" my whole life, I have tried everything....I mean EVERYTHING!!  Also, for the last 3 years I have struggled with sinus problems, fluid on my ear ALL the time, sinus infection 2-6 times a year, blah blah blah!  After a recent checkup this past june I left the doctor at 31 years old with a bag of medicine, for my stomach, and my sinus "issues"!!!  I did this for a week, starting looking up the drugs and found out one of them had only been in use for less than a year?!?!?!  I did not feel comfortable with any of the doctor, I asked about allergy testing, the reply was it was not time for that because I was not taking THREE medicines for my sinus trouble, so roundabout it wasn't bad enough yet...really?!?  This really did not set well with me, I was ready to have the test done and eliminate anything I needed to to make things better!!  
     Luckily, a friend in our Sunday School class recommended a chiropractor and kinesiologist that I started going to, and sure enough....all my sinus trouble was related guess it, my bad gut!!  Not to mention a whole slew of issues he found contributing to my blah feeling!!  I was able to lessen my sinus symptoms significantly, but there was still a little bit of fluid on my right ear...per the chiropractor we decided to start a gluten free diet...voila!!! Fluid gone!  Then winter hit, had a terrible "almost" sinus infection that I was able to get throughout without antibiotics!!  But still have not been able to shake the last little bit of fluid on my ear from the last bout of sinus trouble!!  Needless to say, I started feeling much better, but at the start of the year I knew that I wanted to do something to get myself and my family back on track!!!  I have tried almost every diet!!  I know I am not good at counting calories and now I realize that was not the best option for me.  When I came across Whole 30  I was really intrigued!!!  My husband is a meat eater!!!  I know there is no way we could do a cleanse and not include meat!  When I mentioned it, he was on board!!  Wahoo!!  I knew I could do it by myself but I really didn't want to!!!  I knew with him on board too, I probably would have better results!!!  So here goes!!  The start of our 30 journey!!  I am going to do my best to post every few days to help keep record of our journey!!

So here starts day 1, I know I know, not supposed to technically do "smoothies", but day one got started a little later in the day then I planned so I resorted to the worries, everything in it was Whole 30 approved!! 

Found this yummy side dish here!!

Find our supper recipe was AMAZING!!!  I chose to sear the meat and place everything in the crockpot!!  LOVE the crockpot!!  We all had seconds!!  So yummy!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving Day

So its bittersweet around the Miller household, at least for me it is.  We have been in our house here in Augusta for 2 years as a family, I lived there before we got married and then it was rented while we lived in Wadley.  Needless to say we have had some fun memories in the house, also some scary ones!!!  However, as much as I know we have totally outgrown our little house and we are So So excited to move, its still somewhat sad for me!!  
Looking back.....
As you know, we just brought our second daughter home to this house!

We had Chelsey's 2nd birthday at home, this was special because her first birthday had to be held at my parents house because ours was under construction from the fire.

Chelsey's 2nd Christmas was even more special in our house because it felt like her 1st Christmas all over again....

Because her 1st Christmas was a blur to us....

This picture stirs so many we sat there as a family we had NO idea there were flames above us and what the next few hours would entail.  We enjoyed the beautiful, warm fire, read the Christmas story from the Bible, put Chelsey to bed, exchanged presents with Charlie and around 10:00 decided to go to bed, once we turned the tv off we heard a strange noise in the walls, Charlie pulled the attic down, met me in the hall way and said "get Chelsey, call 911, our house is on fire" I can still here him saying this because he was SO calm I thought he was kidding, as I saw the smoke, I knew he wasnt kidding, and then there was NO MORE CALMNESS!!! 

I cannot look at these pictures and not thank the Good Lord enough for keeping us safe that night, I cant help but look at them and think what could have been, the Lord has plans for us and I am so thankful!!!

Also to this day, every time I hear a siren or see a fire truck it still stirs emotions, I am SO thankful for the Augusta Richmond County Firemen that came to OUR house on the Christmas Eve instead of being at their own homes!!!  They truly did an amazing job and we will forever be grateful!!!

So, even though Chelsey was not phased by the fire because we ended up at Papa B and LeLe's for 3 months, I know she will not remember her first Christmas, but she will hear the story and see the pictures and it will be one that we will never forget!!
All this to say, we will miss this house but we are very excited about our new adventure and new memories in our new house!!!
 Thank you to everyone who has been so sweet and helpful during this exciting time of our lives with the baby and the has been crazy but we have enjoyed every minute of it!!!  Special thanks to our amazing parents, family, friends and our awesome Sunday School class!!  Thank yall!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WOW!! Its been a year!

Wow, I cant believe its been a year since I have posted.  Needless to say life has been busy, but SO good!!  We are now a family of 4, Chelsey is a WONDERFUL big sister!!  We are moving July 13, we are SO excited!!!  Promise it wont be a year before the next post!! :)
Caroline Raines is here!!  Here is her newborn pictures!

Chelsey Ray's 2 Year pictures!

Friday, May 27, 2011

15 months plus some!!

Better late than never right?!?!  So we are back in our house and have been for a few months now....I have been working on a post regarding that, but never finished.  The gist of it is pretty much that every time that I walk into my living room, smell smoke, hear a siren, hug my sweet girl...I am reminded of our "Crazy Christmas Eve 2010" and how blessed we are!!!  We are still dealing with insurance MESS but other than that we are back home and back to "normal" life!!!  We love our new and improved house (with smoke detectors in EVERY room and the attic) and continue to appreciate the goodness that came from that crazy night!!  Thank you all for all of your thoughts and prayers!!  I still get chills when I even think about what "could" have happened...and it amazes me that the sound of a siren can take me straight back to that night and me standing in the middle of East Vineland Rd longing to hear those sirens and knowing they were coming to MY house as I stood there and watched smoke and flames come from it!!!  Anyways, moving on!!!  Luckily I dont think our sweet girl will ever remember that night, but I feel certain she will know of her first she is now 16 months old and into EVERYTHING!!!  Yesterday she was stirring the toilet with my hairbrush....nice, huh?!?  She has started climbing on anything she can.  And she is OH SO SASSY!!!  She has a new love...his name is "Mitty Mouse" and we talk about him about a thousand times a day!!!  All in all, she is the light of our lives!!!   Here are some of her 15 month pics that I did about a month ago!!  Enjoy!! And thank you all again for all of your thoughts and prayers!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chelsey Ray: 12 Months

I cannot believe my sweet baby girl is a year old!!!  What a crazy, emotional, AMAZING year it has been!!  In your first year of life we have remodeled a kitchen, relocated to Augusta, survived a house fire, and moved in with LeLe and Papa, hence the change in our normal monthly chair pictures!  But this is part of your life so we will go with it!! :)

At your one year check up you weighed 19lbs 8oz, they said you are petite!!  Def dont get that from your mommy!!  Your are in the 20%ile for weight and 50%ile for head circumference and 22%ile with height.  You barely wear a size 2 shoe....your feet are TINY.  You are crawling like a champ, just not sure about walking yet, you can pull up on everything and can walk pushing something but just wont let go, I personally think it is your small feet!! :)  You have the sweetest personality and are very strong willed and fiesty!!  You can say mama, dada, papa, brock (bok), baby, bye bye, papa, you can sign dog, more, milk, eat, are SO smart!!  You have truly blessed our lives this year and we are so thankful for you sweet girl!!  Happy Birthday!!!


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